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Lily Girls Pajamas

Lily Girls Pajamas

Dhs. 90.00 Dhs. 145.00


Hi there, little one! Are you having some trouble sleeping? We got you!

Here’s something you would surely love. These super-soft cotton pajama shorts are so comfy and snuggly and would feel like hugging your favorite teddy bear at night.

No matter your age, changing into pajamas is a relaxing way to cap off the day. Moms and
dads, make sure your kids are comfortable, cozy, and fuss-free with these beautiful and
luxuriously soft Lily Girls Pajamas.

No more tossing and turning! They will finally get a good night & #39;s sleep and so do you. Complete the set with our Ellise Pajamas T-Shirt.

What makes this shirt even more special is that it is made from 100% premium quality, eco-friendly, organic cotton. As much as we care about your child’s comfort, we care about the environment too.

Best paired with our scrunchies and Ellise Pajamas T-Shirt.

All our items and products are sustainably and ethically produced using only eco-friendly