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Aqua Spaghetti Top For Girls

Aqua Spaghetti Top For Girls

Dhs. 100.00 Dhs. 152.48


The summertime is here! You can now bask under the sun and enjoy beach getaways with your family and friends. Sounds exciting, right?

What can be equally exciting is the opportunity to wear something comfortable, beautiful, and stylish.

This Aqua Spaghetti Top is our best-seller because it is simple but elegant. You can easily pair it with your favorite jeans, shorts, or skirt.

You can get creative with it. If you feel like putting on a jacket or blazer on top of it, you can do that too! This top is versatile and can be used whenever and wherever.

It works well with our lovely Algae Skirt and Azolla Girls Pants.

For moms, if you wish to get your daughters a nice addition to their summertime wardrobe, this one is a lovely pick. It is made of 55% linen and 45% organic cotton fabric.