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Kelp Unisex T-shirt

Kelp Unisex T-shirt

Dhs. 80.00 Dhs. 115.00


No more “Mom! I don’t know what to wear!” moments! This Kelp Unisex T-Shirt is the ultimate solution.

Your children will surely find this tee comfortable, luxuriously soft, convenient to wear for any occasion, and stylish.

It is super cute with a nice Lory Lux brand logo across the chest part.

Serving as their go-to shirt, there is no more fuss about changing clothes before going to the park, doing some errands, and other activities.

Made of 100% organic cotton, you’ll find your kids wearing this over and over again. Best paired with our Junco Boys Shorts or Azolla Girls Pants.

Be ready to wash it several times a week, perhaps. Don’t worry, it is durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Got more than one kid? Why not get one for all of them so they can go outside in matching outfits? That sounds like a brilliant idea!