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Our Founder

The Idea

Have you ever wondered how something you threw in your garbage, ended up in the ocean even if you lived far away from the coast?  

Have you wondered how a toothbrush used for only a few months could remain on the planet for more than 1000 years? 

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Consumers today are more informed than ever. They are aware of the impact fashion has on people, our planet, and animals. As a fast-fashion burnout myself, I now understand the importance of being mindful of my choices.

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Our Materials

All our jewelry and accessories are made from natural cork. Cork is a renewable resource as it grows back every nine years and it is also biodegradable. It should be noted that cork may not always appear identical, owing to its naturally occurring color differences, uneven surfaces, burnt-like marks, longevity, and minor naturally occurring gaps.

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LORY LUX is now here!