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Handmade Trinket Cork Bracelet

Handmade Trinket Cork Bracelet

Dhs. 50.00


This Handmade Trinket Cork Bracelet is sure to look adorable on your little one’s wrist!

It is made of eco-friendly, natural cork and has a very interesting design that will definitely
capture your child’s attention. It is best paired with our Handmade Studded Hoop Cork Earrings.

Silver-toned metal beads are fixed on the cork strap arrangement. This bracelet comes in
beautiful hues such as Brown, Orange, Yellow, Burgundy, and Green.

The exciting part doesn’t end there. Moms, if you wish to get one for yourself, you sure can!

This bracelet is perfect for moms and daughters because just like your bond, it is forever. That connection is well shown in this bracelet’s hitch knot detail.

At Lory Lux, we aim to create only top-quality accessories that can help strengthen the
relationship between you and your little one. Wearing the same jewelry is a lovely symbol of your unbreakable connection.