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Handmade Studded Hoop Cork Earrings

Handmade Studded Hoop Cork Earrings

Dhs. 40.00


Do you live with a little fashionista in your home?

Surprise her with these beautiful Handmade Studded Hoop Cork Earrings and get ready for a big hug!

Your daughter will surely adore this pair because it is super elegant, stylish, and also perfect for all occasions and outfits.

The pretty silver beads are wonderfully engraved.

Moms, if you wish to do a twinning with your daughter, you can buy a pair of these gorgeous studded hoop earrings for yourself too! You can easily mix and match it with any attire.

Imagine the look on our little one’s face when she sees you wearing the same earrings as hers.

Wearing the same jewelry is a lovely symbol of your unbreakable connection.

The bracelet is made of natural cork. Gentle on your and your daughter’s skin, and our
environment. Best paired with our Twisting Tale Cork Bracelet.