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Handmade Cork Loop Bracelet

Handmade Cork Loop Bracelet

Dhs. 35.00


Just like your forever bond with your daughter, this cork loop bracelet symbolizes infinity. Isn’t it lovely to go outside together wearing the same bracelet? Surely, the people around you will go “aww!”.
Wearing the same accessory is a strong symbol of both your love and unbreakable connection. What a beautiful way to complete both your outfits!

Kids, you can also give this bracelet to your best friends. It is super stylish and also made from eco-friendly natural cork.

They will love it for sure! It is best paired with our Triple Layer Flower Cork Ring and Handmade Pillar Knot Cork Earrings.

Lovely and elegant, you will surely find yourself and your daughter putting it on more often.

At Lory Lux, we truly value special relationships and through our personalized accessories, we believe you can further strengthen that wonderful bond.

All of our accessories and jewelry designs are fit for both kids and adults. Check out our wide range of selections and start collecting your eco-friendly jewelry today!