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Triple Layer Flower Cork Ring

Triple Layer Flower Cork Ring

Dhs. 35.00


Hi there, little one! Love to dress up and add interesting accents to your outfits?

We know you do that’s why we created this just for you.

This beautiful Triple Layer Flower Cork Ring will go well on all your favorite dresses.

For moms and dads looking for a sweet little souvenir for their precious ones, this ring is a lovely choice.

It is not only stylish but also made of eco-friendly materials which your kids will surely approve of.

The ring is made of natural cork and is embellished with a pretty flower centerpiece in silver-tone metal. Best paired with our Handmade Bi-Colour Flower Cork Bracelet.

Get ready for a big hug and a sweet little kiss when you give it to them!

The fun part doesn’t end there. Moms, if you wish to do a twinning with them, this ring is also fit for adults. Imagine the look on her face when she sees you wearing the same accessory.