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Handmade Colour Crust Cork Bracelet

Handmade Colour Crust Cork Bracelet

Dhs. 45.00


Hi there, little one! Are you looking for a cool accessory to add to your everyday wear and
school outfit? You and your friends are going to love this beautiful accessory. Handmade Color

Crust Cork Bracelet is made of eco-friendly materials.

Moms, you can also wear one too! Just imagine the look on your child’s face when he or she sees you wearing the same colorful cork bracelet.

Wearing the same accessory is a strong symbol of both your love and unbreakable connection. What a beautiful way to complete both your outfits!

Made of natural cork, we can guarantee you that it is safe for your child and the environment. Best paired with our Triple Layer Flower Cork Ring.

You will find your kids wearing them for the most part and proudly showing it off to everyone they see. Available in colors Orange, White, Pink, Green, and Turquoise.