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Handmade Bi-Colour Flower Cork Bracelet

Handmade Bi-Colour Flower Cork Bracelet

Dhs. 50.00


Hi there, little one! Did you know that just like flowers, you also bloom beautifully in your own way? Flowers symbolize purity and sweetness and we know that you are.

This beautiful handmade Bi-Colours Flower Cork Bracelet is perfect for you and you can wear it at school, at home, or wherever your mom or dad takes you.

For moms and dads looking for a perfect accessory to give to their children, this cork bracelet is a top choice. Made of natural cork, it is safe and gentle on their skin and the environment.

It features a combination of flower and metallic details designed together on a natural cork string with a silver-tone finish. Best paired with our Triple Layer Flower Cork Ring.

Choose from Orange, Burgundy, Black, Navy Blue, and Teal Green.

This bracelet is also a wonderful souvenir idea for your friends and family. All our designs can be worn by both kids and adults.