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Handmade Fixed Star Cork Bracelet

Handmade Fixed Star Cork Bracelet

Dhs. 60.00


Honey, did you know that you were born a star? You are!
Wear this beautifully-crafted Handmade Fixed Star Cork Bracelet wherever you go and you can show it off to your friends and classmates too.

The bracelet is made from natural cork and a big seastar bead embellishment. It is best

paired with our Triple Layer Flower Cork Ring and Handmade Pillar Knot Cork Earrings.

Moms and dads, this bracelet is the best way to remind them even if they are away from you while they are at school or other places, that they are special and that they were born to stand out.

Every time your daughter looks at it, she will remember that you know her worth and that she can do anything.

The best part is that this bracelet can also be worn by adults. Therefore, you can do twinning together and make a lovely statement wherever you go. Be a shining star and radiate your light to the world!