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How to Choose the Right Earrings For You?

Earrings are a nice way to bring life to your overall getup. It can make you look classy and fabulous. 

Kids, if you are struggling to find a nice pair of earrings that will perfectly add color and personality to your outfit, then this blog is for you. 

This is also for parents who want to give their kids a lovely pair but don’t know which ones to pick.

  • Look at your face shape.

  • The first step to identifying which design is best for you is to look at your face shape. Is it diamond, square, round, oval, or heart-shaped? 

    Round faces work well with dangle or long drop earrings such as these Handmade Globe Drop Cork Earrings

    For oval-shaped faces, they work well with earrings that have medium to long round edges. Oval earrings can work too. These Studded Hoop Cork Earrings are perfect too.

    For a slightly square-shaped face, big hoop earrings can work as well.

    For a round face, you can choose geometric designs. Dangle and teardrop earrings can complement your face shape too such as these Handmade Pillar Knot Cork Earrings. Even for heart-shaped and diamond faces, these styles and designs are perfect.

  • Where are you headed?

  • The next big thing to consider is the event you are attending to. Is this for everyday use, for your school, for your family gathering, or for a formal occasion? 

    You can always choose designs that will match the color or style of your outfit. Kids, make sure to ask your big sister or your mom for some valuable advice if your chosen earrings work with your casual wear or formal wear. They will surely help you find the right design and style. 

  • What is it made of?

  • We understand that you love fashion and at the same time, you love Mother Nature as well. For that, we truly admire you. Choosing the best pair of earrings with eco-friendly materials that will suit your style is never easy, but with cork earrings, nothing can go wrong.

    Cork is biodegradable, renewable, and all-natural. It is safe for your kids. Make sure it is nickel-free because it can irritate their sensitive ears. 

  • Go for simple yet creative designs.

  • If you are looking to surprise your fashionista daughter with a pair of earrings, she will absolutely adore the colorful, unique, yet simple design that she can wear for all outfits and occasions. Handmade Pillar Knot Cork Earrings are available in different colors and they work for most ensembles. Your kids will surely love them. Add a beautiful cork bracelet for a complete set and expect them to hug you tightly!



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