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8 Reasons Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

The biggest question is, what is the effect of the fashion industry on our environment?


A lot!


The fashion industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters. Yikes, right?


Parents, we know you want what is best for your kids. These include your hope for a better and brighter future for them where they can happily enjoy the wonderful nature, have fresh air to breathe, and swim in clean and clear waters. 


Choosing sustainable products and fashion can greatly help in shaping that future.


Kids, your decisions today and your choices in terms of fashion will directly affect your future so make sure to choose only eco-friendly-made products. 


I know you care so much about the planet. This beautiful place needs your help.


Gladly, there is still an opportunity for us to make a change. 


Sustainable fashion is now a buzzword and here are the top reasons sustainable fashion truly matters.


  • It saves our natural resources.

    Today, only 3% of materials in fashion across the globe can be recycled. It is a seriously low number. When we use sustainable materials for clothing, we help save nature from harm and from growing waste.


  • It reduces carbon footprint.

    In sustainable fashion production, the materials will come from organic fabrics such as linen, cotton, hemp, and Viscose Eco which require significantly less to no chemical treatment, less energy, less water, and zero fertilizers or pesticides to grow.


  • It saves animal lives.

    Kids and adults alike love animals. I know you do. They are a big part of this world and it is our responsibility to take care of and protect them. 


    In sustainable fashion production, there is no cruelty against animals. 


    No animal will have to die just to become a piece of clothing. 


    No animal will have to die because they choke on pieces of textiles in the ocean.


  • Less water consumption.

    The creation of sustainable clothing will require exponentially less water as opposed to traditional cotton growing. Organic cotton production reduces water consumption by 91%. It is a huge help!


  • Safe and fair working conditions.

    With the use of little to no chemicals, workers in the fashion industry are now safer than ever. Eco-ethical brands like Lory Lux aim to provide humane working conditions. 


    This sustainable fashion movement will help humans, animals, and the planet altogether.


  • No more wasted money.

    You will get top-quality clothing you can use for a very long time and can even be an heirloom for the younger generation. 


    No more money wasted on cheap clothing made of cheap materials.


  • Better fashion.

    Kids, not only can you wear better quality clothing, but you are also setting a trend for all the other kids and even adults to see that going sustainable is the coolest thing they can do for the planet.


  • Better for the future.

    Moms and dads, it is time to choose wisely and think of your kids’ future. Sustainable fashion is a big step and a huge help for them. 


    The next time you buy their clothes, do not settle for cheap materials that harm the planet which will eventually harm your little ones. 


    Choose only eco-friendly clothing and make a truly inspiring impact.


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    • excellent submit, very informative. I wonder why the
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