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6 Tips on How to Combine Jewelry

Are you having trouble figuring out how to mix and match your jewelry? While it can be quite frustrating to stare at your jewelry box for a long time contemplating which one to pick as you go out with friends, go to school, or have dinner with the family, there are valuable tips that you can apply to elevate your style.

Choosing the right accessories

Well-selected jewelry and accessories can transform a simple look into something special. To achieve your desired effect, you first have to wisely choose your accessories. Make sure to pick those styles that match your personality. Don’t overdo it. Consider your wardrobe as well when choosing your jewelry.

Match the occasion

Do you want to add something beautiful to your ear to emphasize your hairstyle? Do you want to adorn your wrist with a unique bracelet to match your casual outfit? Whatever the occasion is, you have to match your accessories with your overall ensemble. 

If you are going out with your mom for a special vacation, you may get this Handmade Fixed Star Cork Bracelet and do a twinning with her. It is embellished with stars with a beaded arrangement that will look so lovely on any casual wear.

Don’t be scared to create layers

One of the most exciting ways to style your jewelry is through layering. Why not start with something fun?

Experiment with contrasting lengths, shapes, textures, and colors.

Give your look a perfect finishing touch with this lovely Tribal Necklace and Bracelet Combo. It works well on a white top or dress for an instant statement. 

You can also adorn your fingers with this extraordinarily stylish yet elegant Triple Layer Flower Cork Ring. No need to fluster over which rings to stack over them because the ring is already layered to perfection.

Be unique

If you like to layer some charms for a more unique fashion, then this Handmade Queen B Cork Bracelet and Animal Story Cork Bracelet are the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. Telling a story through your accessories is one of the joys of styling your overall outfit.

Stay true to your style

With all the available choices there is, we know it is confusing at times. But, one sure-fire tip we can give you is to just stay true to your style and who you are. Whatever the occasion is, whatever the season is, or whoever you are with, displaying your true self is the most beautiful accessory there is.


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