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Seaweed Unisex Hoodie

Seaweed Unisex Hoodie

Dhs. 120.00 Dhs. 180.00


Hi, little one! We know how much you love a cozy cold day while staying in your safe corner drawing, reading a book, enjoying your favorite choco, or watching your favorite cartoon or tv show.

There is nothing cozier than that, but you need a nice hoodie to keep you company on a cold day.

Made of 60% organic cotton and 40% Viscose fabric. Best paired with our Azolla Girls Pants, Blossom Girls Pants, or Lotus Boys Pants.

Just like a warm hug from your parents, your puppy, or your favorite stuffed toys, this Seaweed Hoodie is soft, cuddly, snuggly, and super comfortable to wear.

Moms and dads, if you are looking to add a cold-weather wardrobe for your little one, then this hoodie is an ideal choice. It is not only stylish and comfy but is also durable.

This lovely hoodie complements both boys and girls.