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Pretzel Twist Cork Bracelet

Pretzel Twist Cork Bracelet

Dhs. 50.00


Kids, we know you love pretzels. Who doesn’t, right?

Well, now you can bring that satisfying knot wherever you go with this cute and super adorable Pretzel Twist Cork Bracelet. It has all the colors that you like - chocolate and that good soft brown pretzel.

For sure, whenever you look at it, you are going to crave pretzels!

Even grown-ups love them too. But, did you know there is more to knots than meets the eye? A pretzel twist also means good luck, prosperity, and bond. 4

It is made of natural cork with silver-toned beads and pairs well with our Handmade Pillar Knot Cork Earrings.

Tell your mom and dad or older brothers and sisters that they can wear one too! This is a great way to display your undying and unbreakable connection as a family.

Lory Lux accessories are made to strengthen any relationship bond through sharing and caring. Adults and kids can wear all our designs.