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Orbit Cork Bracelet

Orbit Cork Bracelet

Dhs. 60.00


Hi there, kiddo! We know how much you love accessories and adding more style to your
everyday school wear.

Whether you are looking to get one for yourself or give friendship bracelets to your friends or family, you can rely on this simple yet elegant Orbit Cork Bracelet to save the day.

This bracelet features a total of 6 straps made of natural cork and engraved beads in silver-tone metal. You can match it with any casual outfit or everyday wear.

For moms and dads, this bracelet is also perfect for you. There are different colors available to match your unique personality. Wear them together and show off your unbreakable bond as a family.

At Lory Lux, we truly understand how tight a parent and child’s bond is. With that in mind, all our accessories can be worn by kids and adults alike.

Happy twinning!