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Floral Cork Pouch

Floral Cork Pouch

Dhs. 36.00


Hey there, little one! Do you want your items more organized? If you want to separate your
coins, put your small toys in one place, or simply arrange your school bag, then this 2-pouch set is perfect for you.

Just like flowers, you also bloom. We know how much you love them so we added a design to it that you will surely adore.

This floral pouch is great for storing your important belongings or valuables. Best paired with our Aztec Backpack.

Moms, you can also use these pouches for your items! They are made from natural cork and feature a secure zip closure.

You can put there your small makeup, your coins, or other small items. For kids, you can also use the pouch as a container for your favorite glittery pens and other school items.

The purpose of these pouches is endless.