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Arrecife Boys Full Sleeve

Arrecife Boys Full Sleeve

Dhs. 80.00 Dhs. 135.00


Are you an active boy who likes to ride a bike under the sun, run around with your friends at the park, or perhaps love to go on a picnic with your family? Then you need this Arrecife Boys Full Sleeve to protect you from the sun’s UV rays.

It is soft, super comfy, and cozy. It is made of 100% organic cotton fabric. We know that boys like you who love the outdoors care about our Mother Nature. We can guarantee that this shirt is made of eco-friendly materials.

You can mix and match it with your favorite shorts, pajamas, or pants. If you are going to school for practice, you can wear this too! For cold months, you may top it off with a jacket or coat for extra comfort.

For moms who are looking to buy their sons a staple full-sleeve t-shirt to protect them from too much exposure to the sun, this eco-friendly shirt is the best choice!