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3 Eye Cork Bracelet

3 Eye Cork Bracelet

Dhs. 50.00


Want to add more fun to your outfit? Make sure you add this to your collection of accessories. It will surely look cute on you and make you stand out whether you are going to school or going somewhere with your family.

We bet your friends would love to have them too!
You can even wear it with your favorite blue dress for a perfect match. It has a beautiful set of blue stones in a three-eye design.

How about your mom, you say? Adults can also wear this bracelet! You can do a twinning and make an instant statement together.

The bond between mothers and daughters is forever, so here at Lory Lux, we want you to enjoy that using our accessories and jewelry made of sustainable materials.

Be in style while taking care of our planet.
This lovely bracelet is made from natural cork.