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Handmade Globe Drop Cork Earrings

Handmade Globe Drop Cork Earrings

Dhs. 45.00


Hello, beautiful one! You deserve only the best when it comes to earrings. Make sure you have this pair in your collection.
These pretty Handmade Globe Drop Cork Earrings are perfect for school, family gatherings, and other activities with your friends.

Expect that your friends will widen their eyes in awe when they see this lovely pair.
For moms and dads looking for that perfect gift, no need to look further.
Get them these earrings and be ready for a big hug!

Made not only for style but also for the environment. This gorgeous accessory is made of
natural cork which means it is eco-friendly. Best paired with our Handmade Globe Cork

Allow your kids to be in fashion while teaching them the value of choosing sustainable products for a better future.

Adults can also wear this bracelet. All our designs are meant for moms and daughters because we value your forever bond.