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Handmade Colour Me Cork Bracelet

Handmade Colour Me Cork Bracelet

Dhs. 35.00


The bond between a mother and a daughter is truly the most special thing in this world. It is unlike any other.

Moms and kids, make that bond even more special with this beautifully-crafted Handmade Color Me Cork Bracelet that you can wear together wherever you go.

It is so cute and simple, yet elegant enough to be worn on all occasions. Just like you, this
bracelet is colorful.

Show the world your unbreakable connection and use this bracelet as a symbol of your love and strong relationship.

People around you will surely go “aww!” when they see you both wearing the same accessory.

It may be small but big love and big things come in small packages. Even your baby can wear it too! It has a nice adjustable cross-over tightener to fit even the smallest wrist.