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Why Choosing Sustainable Clothing Is More Important Than Ever Before

Truth be told, the fashion industry is known to be among the most polluting industries in the world. It is next to the largest polluter - the oil industry. 

Just imagine the environmental damages and impacts of unethical production of clothes. Other clothing and garments producers just dump their untreated toxic wastewater from textile factories directly into the rivers.

Another major source of water contamination is the use of fertilizers for cotton growing and production. This is the main reason a lot of clothing manufacturers these days are using organic fibers or natural fibers because they do not need chemicals to be produced.

We feel inspired and honestly motivated that there are now more and more producers who use sustainable materials. The sustainable fashion industry continues to grow and rise in popularity over the last decade and this is great news for everyone.

It is also very refreshing to see the younger generations who are adopting more conscious and eco-friendly practices when it comes to buying their clothes and other fashion garments. Many of them use sustainable backpacks and even jewelry made of cork which are not just friendly for the environment but are also statement-making.

Do you belong to this Gen-Z behavior? If you are, we are proud of you for choosing sustainable materials. If you are yet to discover and learn the importance of choosing eco-friendly fashion, then this list is for you, whatever generation you belong to.

It is better for the planet.

The fashion industry leaves behind a huge environmental footprint at an alarming rate. The rise of demand for sustainable products will directly affect the supply and this is actually good news. 

When you start buying eco-friendly products, more and more manufacturers will produce them and by doing so, we can make an impact and a difference. 

It saves our animals.

By choosing sustainable fashion, you are helping the planet in a big way. It also helps save animal lives significantly. First, no more animals have to be slaughtered for material extraction. Second, we can save them from getting killed due to toxic water waste.

At a young age, you can do so much to help Mother Nature. Buy fashion garments and clothing from producers who use recycled materials, sustainable fabrics, organic cotton, or plant-based textiles.

It is better for the future.

Your parents want what is best for you and they will surely want you to be living your adult life in a better world. By purchasing sustainable clothing and products, you are investing in that future. When everybody is on board with this change, we can make a great impact.


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